Keeping Dogs and Cats Healthy - Naturally

About Us

Healthy Pets Naturally at Mona Vale was established by Patty Walcott.

Healthy Pets Naturally helps owners of dogs and cats frustrated with the lack of improvement in their condition. We offer natural and complementary treatments that result in a calmer, happier, and healthier pet. Restoring your pet’s love for life.

We are a dedicated team of natural and behavioural therapists and carers that give you individualised attention and natural treatment options helping your pet’s health achieve its absolute best.

We study your pet’s behaviour and reaction to current treatments to better understand your pet’s wellness issues so we can provide a total support for its life. We achieve this by assessing their current healthy status , normalising their immune system, physical mobility, and behaviour, as well as recommending a balanced natural diet.

Our Mission

At Healthy Pets Naturally, our goal is to help customers pets live longer, healthier lives.

We believe that the key element to a healthy pet is a close relationship with the pets owner, and a collegiate relationship with the pets veterinarian.

Everyone at Healthy Pets Naturally is committed to a professional, caring, and personalized service. Healthy Pets Naturally takes pride in our dedication to the highest standards in holistic health care. We would like to educate and inform people and veterinarians about ways to care for animals, that are safe, natural, effective, and will broaden options to maintain and build good health for animals in our care.