Canine Myofunctional Massage Therapy (CMT).

Through massage, photonic acupuncture therapy and our underwater treadmill, dog owners are rewarded with a happier, more responsive pet. It improves muscle tone, reduces the pain and discomfort from arthritis, aids healing from recent injury or surgery. It also reduces anxiety in dogs.

Equissage massage for dogs

Equissage treatment is performed with an Equissage hand-held machine, which provides physiotherapeutic massage to dogs. This treatment has been proven to be totally non-aggressive and free of side effects. The medical benefits include increased circulation and lymphatic drainage, relaxation of muscles and increased joint mobility. It can be used on sore shoulders, sore backs and leg problems or any other sore areas.

Equissage treatments may improve:

  • Local blood circulation
  • Venous drainage
  • Lymphatic drainage and reduce swelling
  • Joint mobility
  • Respiratory conditions
  • The release of tension
  • Arthritic conditions

Underwater dog treadmill therapy

dog rehab treadmill sydney

Underwater Treadmill therapy is the most common type of hydrotherapy we use at Healthy Pets Naturally.

Suitable for dogs recovering from a variety of injuries and surgeries, the underwater treadmill allows dogs to walk while the buoyancy of the water greatly reduces loading placed on painful or healing structures. We can also use the buoyancy of the water to assist us when retraining gait in spinal injured patients.

Precise control of speed, exercise intensity, water depth and temperature, means exercise can be tailored to suit each individual patient. Progressions can be made easily and gradually through increases in speed, exercise duration and alterations to water depth, or by adding floatation devices.

Activity can be progressed from extremely gentle for older and frailer patients to a challenging workout, making it suitable for dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages.

Benefits of underwater treadmill therapy for dogs include:

  • Earlier commencement of rehabilitation
  • Accelerated strengthening and growth of muscle
  • Improved weight bearing
  • Re-education of normal gait
  • Shorter rehabilitation time and faster return to function
  • Improved fitness while exercise is restricted

Photonic Therapy

dog acupuncture sydney

Photonic therapy is like giving your pet acupuncture without needles. Photons of red light are used to stimulate traditional acupuncture points in animals.

Photonic therapy was developed by a veterinarian who discovered a lot of animals were not tolerant of the acupuncture needles. The Photonic therapy achieves stimulation of the acupuncture pressure points and requires less time.

Photonic therapy is an advanced form of traditional complementary medicine using a specific light to stimulate recognised acupuncture points.

We do not use needles but a safe, low frequency red LED light (not laser) which alleviates pain and supports the healing of acute and chronic conditions and injuries in any living animals.

All pet health conditions will benefit from Photonic Therapy including itchy skin, joint issues, anxiety, nerve issues to name a few.

natural pet treatments

Pet Naturopath Australia. Cat and Dog Natural Remedies.

Healthy Pets Naturally, located on the NSW South Coast, was established by Patty Walcott in 2010.  Patty, a pet naturopath, specialises in treating cats and dogs with natural remedies and is a recognised practitioner in NSW of the Small Animal and Equine Natural Therapy Association.

Patty’s unique background in the pharmaceutical industry, coupled with her qualifications as a biochemist, Reconnective healer and small animal naturopath, means that pet owners can receive the care of their vet for acute conditions along with Patty’s guidance regarding alternative pet remedies to achieve a healthy, balanced natural diet, herbs and homeopathy for all conditions.  Natural pet treatments also cover physical therapies for rehabilitative care such as cat and dog massage (Equissage & CMT), underwater dog treadmillPhotonic Therapy (acupuncture), and animal reconnective healing.

Be sure to visit the case studies section of our website to read about our pet natural treatments and therapies used to successfully treat a broad range of dog and cat health issues.

In 2021, Patty closed her clinic on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and moved to Frogs Hollow on the Sapphire Coast (South Coast, NSW).