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Skudo Electronic Tick Repeller
Price: $76.00 (GST INC)

Skudo Electronic Tick Repeller (INC GST & POSTAGE)

Colour :Black and red
Measurement :2cm x 2cm x 1cm

Simply attach to pet's collar with with enclosed ring. Unit is weather proof. Dry with a hair dryer if accidentally immersed in water. When working properly, the unit emits a faint ticking sound and should be replaced if this ceases.

Weight : 250 g

Your family and pets will just love you for this!

  • Safe for puppies, kittens, pregnant or older pet
  • Lasts up to one whole year
  • Non Toxic
  • Efficient
  • Convenient
  • Fresh water resistant
  • Used world wide

Ticks are not just annoying, they are a danger to your pet's health, and to you and your family as well. How does Skudo repel ticks? Skudo is unique...

  • Emits continuous ultrasonic impulses through a battery powered electronic circuit.
  • The ultrasonic emissions repel ticks, so they'll leave your pets alone.
  • Inaudible and completely harmless to humans and pets at 40,000 hz.
  • Only the size of a name tag, attach directly to your pet's collar after activating battery.
  • Totally safe, the preferred choice for animals weakened by sickness or more vulnerable such as pregnancy, lactating, new born, very young, or senior animals.
  • Repels ticks for up to twelve months on your pets.
  • Can be used safely in conjunction with common anti-parasitic products from November to january when ticks are especially potent, to maximise overall protection.
  • Completely safe and non toxic for family memebers playing with or coming into contact with your pets.
  • Skudo is water resistant and can be worn by your pet while they are washed. Remove before swimming in sea water.
  • Skudo has been tested & proven by clinical studies by Professor Genchi at the Faculty of Parasitology, University of Milan, Italy, 1992 and by Professor Doctor Giselle Zoccal Mingoti at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, State University Paolista, St Paul, Brazil, 2002.
Michelle commented on 05-Dec-2013 02:07 PM3 out of 5 stars
I'm interested in the trials of the Skudo tick repeller. I noticed the research was done overseas. Do you know if they were done specifically on the Australian Paralysis Tick? Or ticks native to those countries?
Thanks for your time..
Phil commented on 15-Feb-2014 12:29 PM3 out of 5 stars
I've used these on my cats in St Ives NSW for 5 years in association with a 4-6 week Fronltine Spray. They are very effective against the paralysis ticks and brilliant with fleas. I still check the cats all the time, and have only ever found small (non-engorged) ticks on them. I highly recommend them.
M P Collins commented on 05-Jun-2014 02:01 PM3 out of 5 stars
These are fantastic devices, I bought one for my son who lives in Oman and whose dog suffered badly from ticks. Result not one tick on the little guy since. Infinitely better and cheaper than Frontline