Lizzie the Shih Tzu

My first meeting with Patty Walcott was in August 2010 because of my senior shih tzu Lizzie.

I had noticed on our walks together that she was urinating much more than usual and seemed quite “skittish” at times, and rather vague , as if her brain wasn’t working properly. I scheduled a visit to the vet and they did a urine test and an x ray and the results showed that she had a bladder stone..... poor baby! The advice from them was to go straight onto a specialist dry dog food that should help shrink the stone, although it may not work and would take up to 6 months, but as I personally don’t agree with those types of foods and like the benefits of natural therapies I decided to make an appointment to see Patty, as I knew of her as I live in Mona Vale where she is based.

I am so glad I did !. Firstly we changed Lizzie’s food to a natural diet which would straight away acidify her urine. Secondly Patty made up a batch of liquid herbs that we put onto her food each night to protect the bladder wall, and also a supplement to acidify her urine and help with the discomfort Lizzie was feeling with straining so much when wanting to urinate, and then thirdly she had a photonic treatment around the bladder area which helps open blocked energy. Our main aim was to try and shrink the bladder stone and make Lizzie feel better again.

Lizzie the Shih Tzu

I was surprised to see just how quickly this treatment regime kicked in , Lizzie responded really well to the herbs and supplement and quickly got her “brain” back..... the urinating became less frequent and quite obviously, was less painful for her. Within a month or so on the treatment I took Lizzie back to the vet and another x ray revealed that the stone had completely shrunk !. I was ecstatic – as was Patty and of course Lizzie, who by this time was back to her old self.

I now see Patty for all my dogs nutrition and health problems and cannot recommend her highly enough. The knowledge, time, interest and love she puts into each animals recovery is amazing. She goes to so much effort to make sure your pet gets the best and most effective care, and my word, does she deliver !

Thank you so much Patty for all you do for my doggy family, we could not be without you.

Warm Regards
Sheila and Lizzie.

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Poppy the Problem Beagle

In July 2010 my 2y.o beagle Poppy was diagnosed with Beagle Pain Syndrome (Also known as Necrotizing Vasculitis & Steroid Responsive Meningitis).

A Brief rundown of symptoms Pop had include….

Episodes of - Shaking, hunched back not able to lift her head, fever, lack of appetite, stiff neck, muscle spasms in the front legs and neck, lethargy and crying out in pain with the slightest attempt of movement. Episodes lasting on average 2 hours. Unless you’ve witnessed this disease first hand I can’t begin to describe just how cruel it is, it breaks your heart to see something you love so much be in such pain and distress.

The vet started her on an aggressive dose of Prednisone and the symptoms stopped almost immediately, I continued her on the drug for 3 months with a view to slowly weaning her off it. Unfortunately I was never able to get her off completely before the symptoms started retuning again. I had many “second opinions” from vets (and many hours of researching on the net!), but they all had the same outcome – keeping her on Pred. This was not something I wanted to do because of the terrible long term side effects and the enormous amount of weight she was gaining. It was at this point I thought ‘I need another alternative’, so I jumped on the net and luckily came across the Healthy Pets Naturally website. It was November, 2010 when I emailed Patty with the whole run down of my situation, and basically pleaded for help! Thank god she responded.

Poppy the Problem Beagle

So begins the interesting journey of finding something that would work! Patty almost immediately started Pops on a special herbal mixture as well as a fabulous immune support formula called Transfer Factor. This remains a key part of her treatment as the Prednisone weakens the immune system. The next step was changing her diet to try and get her weight back into some kind of order. Bickies became a big no-no because of their additives and preservatives and I started including fresh pureed fruit and veges into her food.

Patty’s also suggested a drug called Gabapentin, used to relieve neuropathic pain. We started this in conjunction with the Pred, herbs and Transfer Factor and finally some promising news! For the first time in months Pop was able to go 2 whole days without an episode! It was a happy day for us! Over the course of the next few weeks her episodes came and went, but were now much less frequent than before. Patty then started her on Serapeptase, an all natural anti-inflammatory.

So now here we are. Almost one month into using the Serapeptase with the Transfer Factor, Herbs and Gabapentin, and only 4 months down the track since asking Patty for help and I couldn’t be happier, and neither could Pops! For the first time since she became sick she has started running again, actually lifting her head rather than walking around with it almost dragging on the ground and most importantly rolling on her back barking at absolutely nothing! She used to love doing that and it’s so good to see her finally look happy and pain free again. In the space of one month she has had three, very minor episodes.

Patty, I cannot thankyou enough for all your time, research, emails and phone calls you make! You are a saint and you have saved my Poppy’s life – we will be forever grateful.

Emma & Poppy

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I’m a much happier pooch after seeing Patty, says Miley.

Patty’s professional advice and a healthier approach to helping out Miley have been invaluable.

As a puppy Miley started off her life a bit tuff, beginning her journey into this beautiful world on a farm out in Mudgee with her brothers and sisters. She obtained a broken tail and a skin irritation. The farm life wasn’t for her (even though she’s an Australian Kelpie as love’s the farm) it was time to head to Sydney.

At about 5 months old, as a result of being on the farm Miley started to get an extremely bad skin irritation all over her little body. It’s was heart breaking watching my new puppy itching and scratching all day every day and being helpless to stop it. I had tried a different approach at first using Prednisone, however this made Miley worse off. Then I came across Healthy Pets Naturally and Patty, what a change Patty made in Miley’s life.

Patty sat down with Miley and I and explained a few different approaches to take to find out the cause of her skin irritation. She said it’s not going to happen overnight but stick with it and you’ll see an amazing change. From eliminating different foods in Miley’s diet & certain items around the house, then putting Miley on an all-natural diet, transfer factor to boost Miley’s immune system again, herbs and supplements for her skin, after several months she became a much happier puppy and the skin irritation cleared right up.

The change in Miley is fantastic, she stopped itching and scratching, her little red inflamed skin is clear, her coat is shinny and cleaner than ever, she’s a beautiful, carefree, happy pooch again.


Patty, Miley and I thank you for giving Miley the best possible treatment. Your friendly, professional, welcoming approach to your work makes coming and visiting you a joy. We continue to get products and food from Patty and will recommend to anyone with a pet to go to Patty to give your pooch or cat the healthier happier life they deserve.

Miley turned 1 on the 2nd March and is more spoiled & happier than ever.

Thanks again Patty

Miley and Michelle Docker

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Molly is a 13 year old, Kelpie/Dingo/German Shepherd X. Being an extremely athletic girl, several years ago she severely pulled, and tore, most of her tendons in both back legs on separate occasions.

Molly received excellent treatment and care from our vets and specialists, and she recovered well. But as she got older, she began to show increasing signs of disability and pain in those back legs. In addition, her back paws were contracting again, and clenching into a ball- she was almost walking on her toes. We had to be constantly vigilant, because in an alarmingly short time, this would sometimes cause her claws to rub and scrape against her pads and between her toes, until the flesh was raw.

As a result of all this, she was taking the bulk of her weight onto her front legs. This, in turn, resulted in arthritis in her front elbows and other joints, plus soreness and stiffness in her neck and shoulders.

She became despondent, and appeared depressed. Everything was a painful effort. Mona Vale Vets came to the rescue again, and "Molly's Team" was put into action. Not only did our girl benefit from comprehensive veterinary care from the surgery, but also Chiropractic and Myofunctional Therapy (Dr Alison Halloway, and vet nurse , Bec Harvey, respectively), but they recommended Patty Walcott of "Healthy Pets Naturally".

Patty and our vets work well together, and their respective treatments are very complimentary.

Patty looked at Molly holistically, and addressed her issues on every level, externally and internally, from changing her diet to be more natural, through to Transfer Factor for the immune system, supplements for her joints, to photonic therapy sessions, and more - and it is all natural.


Thanks to "Molly's Team", we now have our girl back - yes, still older, but interested in life again, keen to go to the park, always up for a (gentle) ball game, and her spirits are high.

Patty’s concern (and indeed the Team's concern) for Molly continues to be exemplary, frequently calling to check on her progress and well-being, and forever exploring and researching the latest treatments from around the world.

We are most fortunate, and deeply grateful to have such a gifted and caring practitioner in our midst.

Cheryl and Molly

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