Poppy’s story : Natural treatment for Beagle Pain Syndrome

beagle pain syndrome treatment remedyIn July 2010 my 2 year old beagle Poppy was diagnosed with Beagle Pain Syndrome (Also known as Necrotizing Vasculitis & Steroid Responsive Meningitis).

A Brief rundown of symptoms Pop had include….

Episodes of – Shaking, hunched back not able to lift her head, fever, lack of appetite, stiff neck, muscle spasms in the front legs and neck, lethargy and crying out in pain with the slightest attempt of movement. Episodes lasting on average 2 hours. Unless you’ve witnessed this disease first hand I can’t begin to describe just how cruel it is, it breaks your heart to see something you love so much be in such pain and distress.

The vet started her on an aggressive dose of Prednisone and the symptoms stopped almost immediately, I continued her on the drug for 3 months with a view to slowly weaning her off it. Unfortunately I was never able to get her off completely before the symptoms started returning again. I had many “second opinions” from vets (and many hours of researching on the net!), but they all had the same outcome – keeping her on Pred. This was not something I wanted to do because of the terrible long term side effects and the enormous amount of weight she was gaining. It was at this point I thought ‘I need another alternative’, so I jumped on the net and luckily came across the Healthy Pets Naturally website. It was November, 2010 when I emailed Patty with the whole run down of my situation, and basically pleaded for help! Thank god she responded.

So begins the interesting journey of finding something that would work! Patty almost immediately started Pops on a special herbal mixture as well as a fabulous immune support formula called Transfer Factor. This remains a key part of her treatment as the Prednisone weakens the immune system. The next step was changing her diet to try and get her weight back into some kind of order. Bickies became a big no-no because of their additives and preservatives and I started including fresh pureed fruit and veges into her food.

Patty’s also suggested a drug called Gabapentin, used to relieve neuropathic pain. We started this in conjunction with the Pred, herbs and Transfer Factor and finally some promising news! For the first time in months Pop was able to go 2 whole days without an episode! It was a happy day for us! Over the course of the next few weeks her episodes came and went, but were now much less frequent than before. Patty then started her on Serapeptase, an all natural anti-inflammatory.

So now here we are. Almost one month into using the Serapeptase with the Transfer Factor, Herbs and Gabapentin, and only 4 months down the track since asking Patty for help and I couldn’t be happier, and neither could Pops! For the first time since she became sick she has started running again, actually lifting her head rather than walking around with it almost dragging on the ground and most importantly rolling on her back barking at absolutely nothing! She used to love doing that and it’s so good to see her finally look happy and pain free again. In the space of one month she has had three, very minor episodes.

Patty, I cannot thankyou enough for all your time, research, emails and phone calls you make! You are a saint and you have saved my Poppy’s life – we will be forever grateful.

Emma & Poppy

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