Pet Naturopath and Homeopath Australia.

Patty Walcott specialises in a range of natural therapies, homeopathy and cat and dog rehabilitation that is safe for your pet and your family, helping owners of dogs and cats frustrated with the lack of improvement in their pet’s condition.

Natural treatments for dogs and cats.

We are a dedicated team of natural and behavioural therapists and carers that give you individualised attention and natural treatment options helping your pet’s health achieve its absolute best.

One of our key focus areas is dog or cat’s wellness. We offer natural and complementary treatments that result in a calmer, happier, and healthier pet, restoring your pet’s love for life.

We study your pet’s behaviour and reaction to current treatments to better understand your pet’s wellness issues so we can provide total support for its life. We achieve this by assessing their current healthy status, normalising their immune system, physical mobility, and behaviour, as well as recommending a balanced natural diet.

UPDATE : At the end of 2022, Patty closed her books and is not offering consultations with new clients. This may change in the future and we apologise for any inconvenience. Patty is still working with existing clients. 

How our natural pet treatments will help your dog and cat.

Where conventional medicine focuses on the disease or condition, and on drugs to reduce the symptoms, holistic healthcare looks at the whole animal and all the factors that can affect your pet’s health such as nutrition, family relationships, lifestyle and stress factors.

We work with veterinarians to combine conventional treatment with a complementary approach in order to provide the individual animal with the least toxic, least invasive, most nurturing, and least harmful path to healing.

In 2021, Patty closed her clinic on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and moved to the Sapphire Coast (South Coast, NSW).

Our goal is to help your pet live a longer and healthier life.

We believe that the key element to a healthy pet is a close relationship with the pet’s owner, and a collegiate relationship with the pet’s veterinarian.

Everyone at Healthy Pets Naturally is committed to a professional, caring, and personalised service. Healthy Pets Naturally takes pride in our dedication to the highest standards in holistic health care. We would like to educate and inform people about ways to care for animals, that are safe, natural, effective, and will broaden options to maintain and build good health for animals in our care.

Our goal is to educate and inform pet owners about ways to care for animals that are safe, natural, and effective and will broaden available options to maintain and build good health for animals in our care.

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Pet Naturopath Australia. Cat and Dog Natural Remedies.

Healthy Pets Naturally was established by Patty Walcott in 2010.  Patty, a pet naturopath, specialises in treating cats and dogs with natural remedies and is a recognised practitioner in NSW of the Small Animal and Equine Natural Therapy Association.

Patty’s unique background in the pharmaceutical industry, coupled with her qualifications as a biochemist, Reconnective healer and small animal naturopath, means that pet owners can receive the care of their vet for acute conditions along with Patty’s guidance regarding alternative pet remedies to achieve a healthy, balanced natural diet, herbs and homeopathy for all conditions.

Natural pet treatments also cover physical therapies for rehabilitative care such as cat and dog massage (Equissage & CMT), underwater dog treadmillPhotonic Therapy (acupuncture), and animal reconnective healing.

Be sure to visit the case studies section of our website to read about our pet natural treatments and therapies used to successfully treat a broad range of dog and cat health issues.

In 2021, Patty closed her clinic on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and moved to the Sapphire Coast (South Coast, NSW).