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Article by Dr. Becker. Published on 19 December 2014.
Dr. Becker’s Comments

Preventative medicine is not only important for us humans, but equally important for keeping our pets with us for as long as possible. You have to “create your pet’s health” proactively throughout his life, rather than waiting for pathology to happen and then struggling to reverse it. By the time disease shows up, the damage has been done.

I am an integrative veterinary practitioner for dogs, cats, and exotic and wild animals. My practice incorporates nutrition, herbs, homeopathy and acupuncture. Being a huge advocate for preventative medicine, one of the biggest misconceptions people have is that their animals are visions of health until disease occurs.

So often I hear, “My pet was healthy until she got cancer.”

But disease doesn’t just come out of nowhere. It occurs because your pet’s body cannot function optimally, which leads to biochemical changes, which leads to structural changes, which leads to pathologic tissue changes, which leads to an ugly diagnosis you don’t want.

Being proactive with your pet’s health is your best way to prevent an eventual battle with a major illness.

Dr Becker’s 3 pillars of pet health

Regardless of what kind of animal you have, there are three important aspects to your pet’s well being. I call them “The Three Pillars of Health.”

The Three Pillars of Health came into existence in my practice 10 years ago, in an attempt to make sure I was incorporating all the important facets of healing, in every 40-minute appointment, which is always a challenge.

Pillar 1 : Species-appropriate nutrition
Each animal must consume a diet that is biologically appropriate for that species.

Pillar 2 : A sound, resilient body (frame and organs)
Muscle tone should be good; body weight should be optimal; teeth and should be healthy; heart, lungs, kidneys, liver and other organs should be working efficiently.

Pillar 3 : A balanced, functional immune system
The immune system should be able to protect the animal from pathogens, yet not be overactive, leading to things like allergies and autoimmune disease. The key here is balance.

pet naturopath

Pet Naturopath Australia. Cat and Dog Natural Remedies.

Healthy Pets Naturally was established by Patty Walcott in 2010.  Patty, a pet naturopath, specialises in treating cats and dogs with natural remedies and is a recognised practitioner in NSW of the Small Animal and Equine Natural Therapy Association.

Patty’s unique background in the pharmaceutical industry, coupled with her qualifications as a biochemist, Reconnective healer and small animal naturopath, means that pet owners can receive the care of their vet for acute conditions along with Patty’s guidance regarding alternative pet remedies to achieve a healthy, balanced natural diet, herbs and homeopathy for all conditions.

Natural pet treatments also cover physical therapies for rehabilitative care such as cat and dog massage (Equissage & CMT), underwater dog treadmillPhotonic Therapy (acupuncture), and animal reconnective healing.

Be sure to visit the case studies section of our website to read about our pet natural treatments and therapies used to successfully treat a broad range of dog and cat health issues.

In 2021, Patty closed her clinic on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and moved to the Sapphire Coast (South Coast, NSW).

Update:  At the end of 2022, Patty closed her books and is not offering consultations with new clients. This may change in the future and we apologise for any inconvenience. Patty is still working with existing clients.