Toby’s story : Natural therapy & rehab helps repair cruiciate ligament

Massage and natural pet therapies help repair dog’s cruciate ligament. Toby was rescued with a number of health issues with a new owner that is very focused on natural pet therapies where possible. He had a number of behaviour issues and needed an operation on his Cruciate Ligament. He responded well to all the work […]

large dog natural pain relief

Molly’s story : Natural pain relief for large dogs

Natural pain remedies assist active dog. Molly is a large mix breed dog who came to me at the ripe old age of 13. Being an extremely athletic girl, several years ago she severely pulled, and tore, most of her tendons in both back legs on separate occasions. Molly received excellent treatment and care from […]

cure skin irritation dog

Milly’s story : Natural remedies for puppy’s skin irritations

All natural diet helps fix puppy’s skin irritation. “I’m a much happier pooch after seeing Patty”, says Miley the puppy. Patty’s professional advice and a healthier approach to helping out Miley have been invaluable. As a puppy Miley started off her life a bit tough, beginning her journey into this beautiful world on a farm […]

Poppy’s story : Natural treatment for Beagle Pain Syndrome

In July 2010 my 2 year old beagle Poppy was diagnosed with Beagle Pain Syndrome (Also known as Necrotizing Vasculitis & Steroid Responsive Meningitis). A Brief rundown of symptoms Pop had include…. Episodes of – Shaking, hunched back not able to lift her head, fever, lack of appetite, stiff neck, muscle spasms in the front […]

natural treatment for dog bladder stones

Lizzie’s story : Natural treatment for dog bladder stones

How we treated Lizzie the shih tzus’ bladder stones with natural therapies and a healthy diet. Below is a letter from Lizzie’s owner, Sheila, which sums up beautifully how I treated this plucky little senior dog’s healthy problems. “My first meeting with Patty Walcott was in August 2010 because of my senior shih tzu Lizzie. […]

Natural remedy for kidney failure in cats & dogs

BC the cat & Qula the dog I decided to end the year on a couple of similar case studies that show how resilient dogs and cats can be if given a chance. My mum’s cat BC has just turned 21 years old and I have been treating her for renal issues and mega colon […]