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Molly’s story : Natural pain relief for large dogs

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Molly is a large mix breed dog who came to me at the ripe old age of 13. Being an extremely athletic girl, several years ago she severely pulled, and tore, most of her tendons in both back legs on separate occasions.

Molly received excellent treatment and care from our vets and specialists, and she recovered well. But as she got older, she began to show increasing signs of disability and pain in those back legs. In addition, her back paws were contracting again, and clenching into a ball- she was almost walking on her toes. We had to be constantly vigilant, because in an alarmingly short time, this would sometimes cause her claws to rub and scrape against her pads and between her toes, until the flesh was raw.

As a result of all this, she was taking the bulk of her weight onto her front legs. This, in turn, resulted in arthritis in her front elbows and other joints, plus soreness and stiffness in her neck and shoulders.

She became despondent, and appeared depressed. Everything was a painful effort. Mona Vale Vets came to the rescue again, and “Molly’s Team” was put into action. Not only did our girl benefit from comprehensive veterinary care from the surgery, but also Chiropractic and Myofunctional Therapy (Dr Alison Halloway, and vet nurse , Bec Harvey, respectively), but they recommended Patty Walcott of “Healthy Pets Naturally”.

Patty and our vets work well together, and their respective treatments are very complimentary.

Patty looked at Molly holistically, and addressed her issues on every level, externally and internally, from changing her diet to be more natural, through to Transfer Factor for the immune system, supplements for her joints, to photonic therapy sessions, and more – and it is all natural.

Thanks to “Molly’s Team”, we now have our girl back – yes, still older, but interested in life again, keen to go to the park, always up for a (gentle) ball game, and her spirits are high.

Patty’s concern (and indeed the Team’s concern) for Molly continues to be exemplary, frequently calling to check on her progress and well-being, and forever exploring and researching the latest treatments from around the world.

We are most fortunate and deeply grateful to have such a gifted and caring practitioner in our midst.

Cheryl and Molly

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Healthy Pets Naturally was established by Patty Walcott in 2010.  Patty, a pet naturopath, specialises in treating cats and dogs with natural remedies and is a recognised practitioner in NSW of the Small Animal and Equine Natural Therapy Association.

Patty’s unique background in the pharmaceutical industry, coupled with her qualifications as a biochemist, Reconnective healer and small animal naturopath, means that pet owners can receive the care of their vet for acute conditions along with Patty’s guidance regarding alternative pet remedies to achieve a healthy, balanced natural diet, herbs and homeopathy for all conditions.

Natural pet treatments also cover physical therapies for rehabilitative care such as cat and dog massage (Equissage & CMT), underwater dog treadmillPhotonic Therapy (acupuncture), and animal reconnective healing.

Be sure to visit the case studies section of our website to read about our pet natural treatments and therapies used to successfully treat a broad range of dog and cat health issues.

In 2021, Patty closed her clinic on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and moved to the Sapphire Coast (South Coast, NSW).

Update:  At the end of 2022, Patty closed her books and is not offering consultations with new clients. This may change in the future and we apologise for any inconvenience. Patty is still working with existing clients.