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Dr Ben’s Cedar Oil Brush

Dr Ben’s Cedar Oil Brush is the perfect natural flea and tick prevention option for dogs and cats who hate to be sprayed. The patented design of Dr Ben’s Cedar Oil Brush has roller balls to the end of the bristles, similar to a ballpoint pen. As you brush your pet, a small amount of […]

dr bens cedar oil for sale

Dr Ben’s Paws and Claws Cedar Oil

Dr Ben’s Paws and Claws cedar oil formula is safe and natural flea and tick prevention treatment. Simply spray on your pet’s coat and rub it in.  It is simple, safe and effective. This organic flea and tick treatment solution is non-toxic and safe enough that it can be used on newborn puppies, kittens and […]

amber pet collars

Amber Pet Collars

Natural flea and tick repellents for cats and dogs. “Amberpet” is a 100% natural, long lasting flea repellent solution to the problem that is completely safe for use in the home environment and it has a dual action in treating ticks and fleas. Extremely popular in Europe, this sturdy, 100% authentic Baltic amber necklace can be […]

Skudo Electronic Tick Repeller

Chemical free tick repellent for cats and dogs. The battery operated, electronic tick repeller tag is the same size as a name tag and can be attached directly to your pet’s collar. It is totally safe, the preferred choice for animals weakened by sickness or more vulnerable such as pregnancy, lactating, new born, very young, […]