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Jordan’s story : Natural pet remedies used to treat joint pain, arthritis & vomiting

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Natural therapies used to treat constantly vomiting dog.

Jordan’s owner was desperate to try and help him and the vet had run out of options. When I saw Jordan he walked extremely slowly and was very stiff in his action and he had laboured breathing. He was on Prevacox every day from the vet for his arthritis as well as Paws joint formula and Seaflex. He was constantly vomiting up lots of foamy saliva after rushing outside to eat lots of grass and was not able to keep his food down. He also had a thyroid condition and was being treated for this with thyroid hormones from the vet. His owner was preparing herself for Jordan to not be alive much longer.

A change of diet helps stop dog vomiting

Jordan has a great mum that is prepared to do anything for him, so we had to radically change his diet from kibble to a healthy raw food diet. All his food has to be pureed so it is easy for him to swallow and he needs to be fed a number of smaller meals in a day. He started on K9 Natural with fresh pureed fruit and vegetables and a couple of months later shifted to Ziwipeak, as it was easier to make a complete puree with no hard bits like bones to aggravate his cough.

He needed a natural anti-inflammatory as his symptoms suggested a serious inflammatory condition and Bovine Tracheal Cartilage for his severe arthritis. Jordan was also given a herbal formula to help deal with the mucus build up in his throat. Jordan showed signs of improvement within the first week, loving his food and was not vomiting food with the mucus and saliva anymore. He then began to have fewer episodes of rapid grass eating and vomiting saliva and mucus. We added in a Probiotic to restore his normal gut flora and help his immune system.

Massage helps treat dog arthritis

We would normally have given Jordan a massage with Photonic for his arthritis, but Jordan will only let his mum touch him, which has been the case since he was a pup. It took a bit longer as we had to rely totally on the supplements but Jordan is now walking a lot better, going for walks each day. He has not vomited his food for many months now and has put on weight. He was having the odd coughing episode at night without vomiting saliva and mucus so we added in some Manuka honey to coat his throat and homeopathic drops for cough relief which seem to be working well. Jordan has no intention of going anywhere for some time and we love it when he comes to visit.

Jordan’s progress

Just recently we decided to bite the bullet and give Jordan a massage and Photonic treatment, with the understanding that if he became distressed or started to bite then we would stop and leave him just on the supplements. I am happy to report that he is enjoying his massages and has been a model citizen, very happy to get onto the massage bed once he had his first massage.

A final comment from his mum: “I am still very pleased with him and the gulping and mucus attacks don’t happen anymore.  He does get some saliva-type mucus dribbling out of his mouth from time to time (like a stalactite!) but I just wipe it away.  It doesn’t happen very often. Thanks for all your expertise and help.  I am so grateful for the way you have helped him improve with all the ideas of natural food and vegetables. It has certainly made a big difference to his life”.

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Healthy Pets Naturally was established by Patty Walcott in 2010.  Patty, a pet naturopath, specialises in treating cats and dogs with natural remedies and is a recognised practitioner in NSW of the Small Animal and Equine Natural Therapy Association.

Patty’s unique background in the pharmaceutical industry, coupled with her qualifications as a biochemist, Reconnective healer and small animal naturopath, means that pet owners can receive the care of their vet for acute conditions along with Patty’s guidance regarding alternative pet remedies to achieve a healthy, balanced natural diet, herbs and homeopathy for all conditions.

Natural pet treatments also cover physical therapies for rehabilitative care such as cat and dog massage (Equissage & CMT), underwater dog treadmillPhotonic Therapy (acupuncture), and animal reconnective healing.

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In 2021, Patty closed her clinic on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and moved to the Sapphire Coast (South Coast, NSW).

Update:  At the end of 2022, Patty closed her books and is not offering consultations with new clients. This may change in the future and we apologise for any inconvenience. Patty is still working with existing clients.