Claude’s story : Natural remedies used to treat ringworm & staph infection in a cat

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I first met Claude in late October 2010. It is hard to put into words how bad Claude looked with no hair, extremely red and inflamed skin, bleeding from multiple areas that he had scratched constantly and so miserable he would go up into the rafters of the roof to hide.

His owner had spent a fortune on vet bills trying to get Claude better. He had a very resistant ringworm infection which he had been infected with as a kitten, which had been treated with every therapy the vets had for ringworm, and he also had a compromised immune system. Nothing like a challenge!

Herbs were used to treat cat ringworm infection

Claude was started on some Herbs for his Ringworm both topical and also internal, as well as herbs for his skin allergy.  He was also stated on a Probiotic and Transfer Factor for his immune system. Claude started to show improvement within a couple of weeks but kept getting flair ups in his symptoms, especially areas around his ears, back of the neck and his abdomen, particularly when we tried to reduce the dose of Transfer Factor.

The Vet felt he should have a bath in a chemical that treated ringworm so Claude had this done. It helped him initially, but then after a few days he once again started to scratch and bleed. Claude being a sharing kind of Cat gave me Ringworm under my watch strap. I treated it with tea tree, then with other herbs which helped contained and reduced it, but it persisted and would Flair up particularly on humid days. I treated my Ringworm with cedar Oil, applied twice a day for 5 days, and it totally cleared and has not returned. We then started Claude on cedar oil topically, which helped sooth his itches straight away. We alternated between Cedar Oil and herbs applied topically to treat the ring worm and itches.

A change of diet helped boost Claude the cat’s immune system

Claude was started on an elimination diet, as we found he had flair ups when he ate fish or chicken. He was placed on one protein source for 6 weeks, which has continued while we battled to get things under control, and on a digestive enzyme to help his protein allergy. We have managed to get Claude eating Rabbit BARF for cats, which he loves and his Immune system is now functioning much better with no Ringworm evident. The Transfer Factor has helped his hair grow back, (this also happened in her other cat that was sick and bald, given transfer factor, but that’s another story).

The red spots on his stomach proved very resistant to treatment and the vet felt it could be Staph infection so he was started on antibiotics. This unfortunately did not address the problem and the antibiotics were changes a couple of times with no success. His blood tests indicated he had an inflammatory condition and I decided to start him on a natural anti-inflammatory. This started to work within a week and he is finally spot free an itch free all over his body.

Claude’s progress

So we finally have a happy cat that is playful and not hiding, with almost normal hair again and not scratching and ripping himself to pieces. We now only get flair ups when he steals some of the other cats biscuits or gets into the fridge to steal things. The difference now is that these flair ups only last a couple of days now rather than a few weeks since treatment with the Transfer Factor.  He has been able to cope without transfer factor after 6 months of treatment. He is being kept on the natural anti-inflammatory, a Probiotic and the digestive enzyme, and he is never fed fish or chicken. I would have liked to get Claude onto some Omega for his skin and coat but he cannot tolerate any fish oil, he does get some flaxseed however.

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