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Prudence’s story : Natural remedies treat cat kidney failure

natural remedy cat kidney failureNatural treatments for kidney failure in cats.

Prudence was delivered to me when she was only 6 weeks old and she was given the name Prudence as she was a very feisty kitten, would beat up my older cat Biggles who was 3 times her size, would not be picked up or cuddles under any circumstances and was just a very independent miss.

Once she turned 2 years old she decided that maybe a cuddle and lap sit was not that terrible a thing to happen and by the time she was 4 years old you could not get a more affectionate cat. She had also decided that Biggles was her best friend so all was well in the household. She has been a very healthy cat all her life, she was vaccinated with her kitten shots and at 15 month of age and has not been vaccinated since. She has always been fed raw food or cans and before I became a natural therapist she did get some dry kibble during the day.

Pruedy or Schnook Bear as she is now called was diagnosed with Kidney Failure when she turned 15 years old and was given 6 months maximum to live. I was studying to become a natural therapist at this stage and had already completed my studies in nutrition so I knew I had to get her off all dry kibble. I also had an issue as Prue would not eat chicken, she loved veal and beef but these meats had to go as they are very acidic and make the kidneys work very hard. It took me just over 2 months to completely change her diet so she would eat BARF and white meats and would not demand the “Kitty Crack” as the Holistic vets in the States call Dry Kibble.

Herbs used to treat cat kidney failure

I have been treating her Kidney’s with herbs, homeopathy and diet and she had regained her health and was doing well over 4 years later. I did blood tests for her kidney function 6 months after diagnosis and starting her herbs and homeopathy and her kidney markers were just above normal. A repeat test 6 months later showed they were still just above normal and this was the same for a test 12 months later.

Homeopathic drops used to treat cat after tick bite

August last year she got a tick that was brought in with the washing and she amazed everyone with how well she dealt with the tick poisoning, she was paralysed and had to have her bladder emptied for 3 days but she just soldiered on and with Homeopathic drops and tick serum she was able to come home the same day as she was admitted to the vet and was back to normal in a few days.

A month after having the tick she suddenly had very dilated pupils in both eyes and I knew she had developed blood pressure. I took her to the vet to get a reading and sure enough her blood pressure was through the roof. She was completely blind due to bleeding into her retinas and I was told that this blindness would be permanent. I took her home with some blood pressure meds that are used in humans, and I used these until I could organize the necessary natural therapies. Unfortunately she did not tolerate the blood pressure pills; they made her disoriented, off her food and very thirsty. I have always treated her with natural therapies so I think she decided she would not take chemicals even short term.

I started her on herbs and homeopathics and was excited to see that within 4 days she could see again. She was truly amazing though, when she could not see she would still manage to use her whiskers to get up the stairs and go to her favourite spot on the balcony to sum herself, jump up onto the bed using her steps I have made for her, the bed is too high for her to get onto in one jump due to her arthritis. I have checked her blood pressure a month later and it was significantly lower and she continues on her natural treatments for Kidney’s, Arthritis and Blood Pressure.

Unfortunately the tick had knocked her around and she had started to look and act more her age each month, and suddenly on Monday the 3rd of February she decided to stop eating and drinking and I knew her time was close. I took her to the Vets to get her blood pressure checked and to have some fluids to keep her comfortable and they told me her blood pressure was perfect and they were very happy with her. I rescheduled all my appointments on Wednesday as I knew she would pass that day or night and we spent the day together with her sleeping and occasionally looking for me, where I would place my hand on her head and she would go back to sleep. She died sleeping next to me on the bed at 3:15am on Thursday morning.

I really miss her so much as we spent 20 years together, she would come up stairs and tell me to come to bed at 10pm every night, she was my alarm clock in the morning giving me a tap on the face at 6am to say it was time to get up and get her breakfast. She was always beside me sleeping with her head next to mine on the pillow. I was very blessed to have had such a special friend and guide in my life for so long. I want to thank you all for your support and kindness through the tick period and when Prue passed. She is buried at home in a lovely spot under 3 gum trees and I see her every time I drive into my driveway. A special thank you to Barbara who managed to get a star named after Prudence, which is just above the constellation of Sagittarius.

I have been asked a few times about letting her pass on her own time and euthanasia, and I do believe it is best if possible to let animals pass on their own, obviously if they are in a lot of pain or are severely stressed you need to assist them to pass, and in this case I usually get the vet to come to my home. It is a very individual decision and each person needs to make their own decision based on the needs of their pet at the time.

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